Boiler Overhaul

Boiler Overhaul

We provide a complete boiler overhaul service. Boiler overhauling can involve minor and major replacement parts, depending on the age and extend of damage to your boiler, we cover;

  • Replacement of boiler parts
  • Complete boiler refurbishment
  • the replacement of Waterwall Panels
  • Air Reheater Rebuilds
  • Stack and Stack Lining Installations
  • Boiler Gate replacement
  • Boiler Gauge replacement

We have been overhauling boilers for over a decade in Australia, Fiji, PNG, Samoa & Vanuatu. Our experienced boiler overhaul specialists quickly assess the level of damage the boiler has experienced, and get to work straight away. We organise the transport of your boiler to and from our boiler overhauling factory, and keep you in the loop throughout the job, so it is a very simple, process.

Boiler Overhauling Service

Our boiler overhauling service is available in Australia; New South Wales and we also service Canberra ACT, Brisbane Queensland, Melbourne Victoria, Adelaide South Australia, Perth Western Australia, Darwin Northern Territory and Hobart Tasmania. We also manufacture steam boilers such as Water Tube Boilers, Fire Tube Boilers, Gas Boilers & Wood Fired Boilers. Our boilers can also come in Vertical boilers types and D type boilers.