Welding Industry

Our company specialises in boiler repairs & boiler maintenance. We manufacture, service and repair boilers, industrial steam boiler repair, this includes boiler and pressure vessel welding.

We provide our boiler repair service for the whole of Australia, including all major cities; Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD, Adelaide SA, Perth WA, Darwin NT, Canberra ACT. As well as internationally in Fiji, Samoa, PNG, Vanuatu.

Boiler Welding

Our Boiler Welding department consists of a certified team, they are the specialists are supported by our technical office. We perform all necessary boiler welding repairs. The material we use is certified and up to a high standard, all steel plates used are with the required thickness levels.

We have all the necessary equipment for machining any boiler parts, and a specific area for stainless steel boiler repairs.

Boiler Repair Services:

  • Renovation / Reconstruction and Repair of Boiler Plates / Structures
  • Complete Boiler Overhauling
  • Repairs and Machining of all broken boiler parts, including parts that wear
  • Production / Manufacturing of custom boiler parts
  • Reading of plate thickness
  • Boiler Inspection for cracks, leaks and detection of escaping fluid
  • Boiler Welding of most materials including Steel, Aluminum

We repair most fuel type boilers this includes coal, gas, and wood fired boilers. We have worked on and repaired almost all type of boilers out there. We service the following boilers types:

Water Tube Boilers Repair

Fire Tube Boilers Repair

Gas Fired Boilers Repair

Wood Fired Boilers Repair

Vertical Boilers Repair

Hot Water Boilers Repair

Watertube, Firetube, Biomass, and Wood-Fired Boiler Repair Capabilities:

  • Stainless Steel Welding
  • Stay Rod Bolt Repair
  • Install new handholes in shell
  • Retube Boiler
  • Refurbish Boiler
  • Turbine Tubes
  • Fabricate Casing
  • Repair Hots Spots in Casing
  • Valve Repair & Installation
  • Low Water Cutoff Installation
  • Troubleshoot Combustion
  • Repair Soot Blowers
  • Boiler Controller Repairs

24 Hour Boiler Repair

If you have an emergency and your boiler needs to be repaired asap, see our emergency boiler breakdown page. Get in touch with us straight away for assistance.

Boiler Overhaul

If your boiler is experiencing ongoing issues after multiple repairs it may require a Boiler Overhaul. For more information on our boiler overhauling service click here