We manufacture, installs and repair steam generating boilers. Our boiler range includes; Water tube boilers, Fire tube boilers, Gas Boilers, and Wood Fired Boilers. These come in a range of vertical boilers as well as D type boilers. Our Boiler Design allows you to maximise the use of space and boiler fuel efficiency. In Steam Boiler models, copper or brass is often made use of due to the fact that manufactured quicker in smaller type boilers.


Historically, copper was frequently utilized for fireboxes (specifically for steam locomotives), due to the fact that of its much better formability and a higher thermal conductivity; however, recent developments in technology point to use of cheaper alternative materials, such as steel, this is due to the cost of copper which makes it a less economic option. The pressure vessel of a boiler was traditionally made of wrought iron, these days they are generally made of Alloy Stainless Steel, the austenitic types are not used in wetted parts of boilers due to deterioration and tension corrosion splitting. However, ferritic stainless steel is commonly utilized in superheater areas that will certainly not be exposed to boiling water, and electrically-heated stainless steel shell boilers are permitted.

Fire Tube Boilers

Fire-Tube Boiler are often referred to as a package steam generating system. All the fire tube boilers we manufacture are factory tested to ensure they are ready to fire up with no issues once the boiler installation is complete.

These boilers are quiet, safe, and are very reliable steam generating systems. The main parts of a firetube boiler include; boiler pressure vessel, combustion, water feeding equipment and controls

The fire tube boilers are also integrated with a boiler management system which controls all of the boilers operations. The boiler management system also assesses all the safety requirements which are required in order to produce fully automatic combustion, steam pressure control, and water level security. The Boiler Combustion System is also available for alternate &/or multiple fuels for firing such as light oil, heavy oil and Gas.

Water Tube Boilers

Our Water Tube Boilers can use any fuel type including wood, agricultural waste, gas and oil. Their output range can be a large capacity output or small capacity of steam, our recommendation for the fuel type and type of water tube boiler will depend on your application and use of the water tube boiler. Cost of fuel type can vary and this is why it’s great to have multiple options with water tube boilers.

Our tube and drums use a D Type configuration. The D type boiler design has a fast positive circulatory pattern. It’s Simplicity and Accessibility have made it the obvious choice for boiler manufacturers specialising in package water tube boilers.

Water Tube Boilers also come in a “Mini-D” unattended Boiler type.